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RTB is a modern method of buying online ad space in an auction model.
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How it Works?

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a new technology that allows advertisers to evaluate, set bids and buy ad inventories by setting an individual price for every visitor.


Advertising markets were established to provide advertisers easy access to more advertising space than ever before.

Real Time Bidding

247RTB buys ads on RTB basis — buys only the needed impression — and evaluates the quality of every ad slot to see if a bid will be made and determines the best price


Data dissemination gave advertisers a huge amount of audience information with more depth and breadth than before.

Check out our Key features

Our Demand-Side Platform is flexible to fit the unique needs and demands of your business.


Customers get all-encompassing control to use their own knowledge and experience, rather than rely only on media partners and ad networks.

Increased performance

Customers have access to high-performance features that allow them to change bids and forecast profits after every impression.

High efficiency

Operation efficiency means only the most streamlined algorithms are used in the ad purchase process.


RTB was created to manage workflow for new ad features based on extended data.


Only 3 simple steps are required to create an effective marketing campaign: (1) set the campaign budget, parameters and targeting, (2) add additional ultra options, (3) add your creatives for the campaign and set landing page.

One Platform

247RTB provides an access to several large-scale ad exchanges, DSP and ad networks. You will be able to target preferred platforms for your campaign and add to white-list the most effective sources.


All you have to do is to select the target audience for your campaign. The proposed targeting includes geo-location, category, OS and device filters, mobile carriers and web/apps targeting, frequency cap and some additional ultra filters.

Huge Inventory

Over 10 billion ad slots worldwide daily are available for us. This is possible because of our genuine link with some notable exchanges. We get these from different sources such like internet pages, mobile apps, videos and from various devices as well.

IAB Compliant

247RTB facilitates your promotion campaign providing all IAB compliant formats and thanks to this the advertisers can express their creativity and can put their potential to produce ads ranging from dynamics to statistics and from web ads to app ads.

100 milliseconds

From the start of a page download to the ad display

RTB leads to better performance for advertisers, more earnings for partners, and greater relevance and profitability of ads for consumers.

  • User visits a Webpage
  • Ad display request is made
  • Decision made on a possible ad and the bid is set.
  • Auction bidding occurs.
  • The winning ad is displayed.